Self-applicable, high level, finite capacity , multi-constraints based scheduling software for industry


Subscription Fees

One year Subscription : $ 1200 with free upgrades and 4 hours free support

Additional user : $ 200

Opening a new subscription

Moving from evaluation to subscription mode

No additional downloading or install is required, you still work on the same database .

Exchange the old authorisation key for a valid one.

Opening the subscription and receive the authorization key

use the form below to send us your identification key and address.

We will return you a one year subscription bill with conditions and payment info.

After payment you will receive your 12 digits authorization key valid one year.

Exchange the old authorization key for the new one.

End of subscription

The expiry date is reminded in the starting session.

Every year, you must ask for a new authorization key .

If not, you keep access to your data ; software is not accessible until the new subscription.

Moving from evaluation to subscription mode for additional user

The same procedure is applicable to any other sched user in your company.

Sched provides each user with an unique identification key , you can not clone the software twice on the same workstation or the same network.

Fixed subscription fees warranty

For one subscriber, the subscription fee remains unchanged if no interruption occurs.

Subscription Form

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