Self-applicable, high level, finite capacity , multi-constraints based scheduling software for industry


  • Key Features : Definition - Destination - Abilities - Benefits
  • Technical Features : H/S Requirements - Multi-users on network - Development tools - Fast and secure
  • Ergonomic Features : Self-applicable - Open - Windows standard - Customizable

Technical Features

Hardware requirements

Sched needs powerful computer for producing good level time response.

Minimal. Pentium III 256 k memory and 5 gigas

Optimal. Pentium IV with 512k memory is the current optimal machine, more could be recommanded.

Network.100 mega/bits

Software requirements

Office 2000, office 2002 or Office 2003 no additional licence is required

Software requirements for extra self-development use

If you intend to develop your own functions (new forms, import, export, reports, ...) only Microsoft Office 2000 or above is required.

Note that Sched VB/Isam files are not users accessible . Useful results are moved automatically to access tables. For this reason VB/ISAM development tools are not necessary for self-use development. See 'extra self-development' in appendix.

Developed using all microsoft technology - visual basic for application, sql serve access.

Sched offers easy and strengthening integration in the IT organization.

Sched is easy to install on the network

We designed Sched to be easily installed and shared on company network.

Standard Access 2000 installation, mdb splitting and sharing techniques are used.

You only need an office 2000 or upper to use sched.

Sched is multi-user

Sched is multi-user.

Setting sched in multi-user is very simply; while the sheddata.mdb and some other directories are placed on server, only the front end sched.mde file is move to each client workstation.

Sched is fast and secure

High-level scheduling software creates millions of records during placements.

Using access tables for this purpose is unproductive due to the relative slowness .

Therefore, access tables are used only to provide information to the scheduler engine and collect results from it.

The scheduling engine uses isam organization for certain files; these files are faster than access tables and give a total security with a large amount of data.

Sched use fast fast isam manager with access database

VB/ISAM from Software Source is use by sched for fast access. VB/Isam is an the industrial strength and fast ISAM record manager , 50 times faster than access with no breaks !

During scheduling phases, sched could create and modify Hundreds of thousands of records files; access tables are not exploitable in that case.

After isam treatment results are moved back to access tables.

VB/Isam dll is supplied with sched.

Note that no licence is required for this product , Software Source grants the right to copy , distribute the vb/isam dll as part of the software dll


Installing sched is easy on the network in multi-user mode.