Self-applicable, high level, finite capacity , multi-constraints based scheduling software for industry


  • Key Features : Definition - Destination - Abilities - Benefits
  • Technical Features : H/S Requirements - Multi-users on network - Development tools - Fast and secure
  • Ergonomic Features : Self-applicable - Open - Windows standard - Customizable

Ergonomic Features

Windows standard

Developed using all microsoft technology - visual basic for application, sql serve access.

Sched offers easy and strengthening integration in the IT organization.

Open Software

Access tables are well documented and of course free access.

Sched provides integrated tools for importing/exporting data.

Viual Basic, code to import and exporting data is supplied.

Self-applicable and easy-to-use

Easy to learn and use , sched is designed to be self-applicable by qualified production agent, even in complex environment.

The detailed user manual shows many examples of use in different environments.

Learning is easy; evaluation system showing many examples of use in different environments.

Easy integration

With powerful Importing/Exporting modules, sched is designed to work with other manufacturing software.

Visual Basic Code showing specific integration is provided free.

Wide range of options for output xls reports

Many Reports generated by SCHED are sent directly to Microsoft Excel.

Reports are produced in Excel Format, giving the better way to produce numerous graphic reports

Excel files are build from templates. In most cases, users are able to customize aspects of these excel reports; by modifying the templates.

Graphical features

SCHED allows immediate access to graphs on screen.

All Graphs, gantt, … are produced thru excel files and user could change the graph aspect as needed..

Easy interfacing with word processing and spreadsheet programs

Reports in SCHED can be sent directly to word processing and spreadsheet programs, at button click, allowing easier editing reports.

Sched is fast and secure

High-level scheduling software creates millions of records during placements.

Using access tables for this purpose is unproductive due to the relative slowness .

Therefore, access tables are used only to provide information to the scheduler engine and collect results from it.

The scheduling engine uses isam organization for certain files; these files are faster than access tables and give a total security with a large amount of data.

After isam treatment results are "compiled" and moved to access tables.

Access tables act as front-end , vb/isam files as back-end.

VB/ISAM from Software Source is used. VB/ISAM is ‘industrial strength' and fast; 50 times faster than access without any breaks on the network!