Self-applicable, high level, finite capacity , multi-constraints based scheduling software for industry


Install file is the same for both evaluation and subscription versions.

Current version is 2010.03.17

Important notices before downloading and installing the softtare

  • A recent version of Microsoft Office is required (starting office 2003)
  • The software is installed in directory c:/sched
  • Before starting to use the product, we urge you to read the User Manual, it is well documented.

Evaluation mode

There is no authorization key required.

The entire applications is available without any kind of limitation, all files are completed with User Manual examples.

However, the following restriction is applied, and you can't remove it as long as you run Sched in evaluation mode:
The dates boundaries are fixed from November 15th 2004 to January 31st 2005. Those values can't be modified.
All examples contained in the database have been created with dates being in this range.
If you create new data to test, you must specify dates in this range.

setup.exe10.71 MB